Becoming individually responsible

Liberty comes with responsibility.

I found this large puffball fungus in Colchester which are often only found by chance.

I found this large puffball fungus in Colchester which are often only found by chance.

I support individuality, but individuals in expressing their individuality do so with responsibility if it impacts other people and this planet.  I came across a spider and its web in my garden, I took another route so to avoid harming the web; this in my opinion is a good example of individuals acting responsibly.

An irresponsible plane passenger nearly killed a child who lives near my town of Colchester by eating peanuts despite multiple warnings not to do so.  In the media report the child had a severe allergy to nuts so that even their smell would cause a life threatening reaction.  At least three clear warnings were given on the aircraft to all passengers to not eat nuts, but this passenger knowingly refused to heed the warnings, nearly killing the child.

The weather in Colchester has encouraged a large number of edible puffballs to grow three months early in a certain place.  The puffballs look like large white soccer balls, one that I foraged last year to eat.  To my dismay people are kicking these puffballs to pieces for a few moments of mindless entertainment.  The responsible individual would give the puffballs a purpose either by foraging them for food, or allowing them to follow through their life cycle to seed themselves.


15 responses to “Becoming individually responsible

  1. Treading lightly in the world – a beautiful way.

    With gratitude and respect.


  2. No action is ever without a consequence. Not even the tiniest action. Oh, the blindness of so many. Loved your short essay, Alex, but wished it hadn’t started off the thought that it did.

  3. Always curious what kind of human would disregard a message that could potentially hurt a child. How does one live with oneself.

  4. Couldn’t agree more. it takes being taught, from as early as possible why we need to respect nature for it to be appreciated and treated with care.

  5. The peanut eater was blinded by a severe lack of compassion or intellect and likely, the inability to follow that reckless and dangerous activity of peanut eating with any sense of shame. An un-evolved buffoon, no doubt. We can only hope the individual doesn’t reproduce. Ditto on the fungi kicker.

  6. Yes there is still a lot of mindlessness about Alex.. Sad to say…

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