All about change

Nature teaches that change is a constant.

I thought a mighty oak I named the "Castle Tree" would last beyond my death, but a storm sent it crashing to the ground last year.  In nature you learn fast that the only reliable constant is change.

I thought a mighty oak I named the “Castle Tree” would last beyond my death, but a storm sent it crashing to the ground last year. In nature you learn fast that the only reliable constant is change.

I am back, and confined indoors due to rain.  A months worth of rain fell in 24 hours yesterday, it has been nonstop rain for over a day, and it continues.  Even my outdoor cat Pebbles, who rarely comes inside, sits on the inside of the cat flap, depressed and curled up into a ball.  I cannot remember a day like this, that has rained nonstop all day.  The garden plants love it, you can near hear them drinking up the water from heaven; the snails and slugs also enjoy this new changing climate in Britain.

I have been here for nearly a cycle of a year, and it has been amazing to watch the changes of nature in my garden through an entire cycle.  Before my eyes I see the land falling slowly into a sleep, the darkness closes in, the temperatures are falling.  It seems winters in Colchester attracts rain rather than snow, but the temperatures are mostly above zero Celsius.  The birds (apart from pigeons, magpies and corvids) all have abandoned my garden in favour of the autumn harvest in the countryside.  I have not seen Amber our garden fox in weeks, neither by day or night.  In nature you learn fast that nothing is permanent, everything changes.


16 responses to “All about change

  1. Wow, a month’s rain in one day! I recall that two days after we moved in here, to our Oregon property, we had over four inches of rain in one day, our creek rose and washed away our driveway bridge. Poor old Colchester.

  2. Even in the High Desert where I reside and where we rarely see any rain at all, we see Nature’s abundant beauty and how she effects change. A constant and appreciated (by this writer) spectrum of change.

  3. Nature is unpredictable, Alex. I have this massive tree outside my house, I have named it Jade. It’s just beautiful how we can befriend Nature so easily. Well you stay cosy at home and be safe.

    Its good to red you after a while.

    Warm regards,

  4. I hope Amber returns and is safe. Its amazing isn’t it as we sit and observe nature.. I cleared an old private hedge out which was diseased and entwined around it making an open weave ball of branches we had a climbing hydrangea. I staked it to make it firmer so the wind would not blow it over.. And I hang bird food in the branches, It has become a little haven for the sparrows who although we have a bird table that still gets used they now prefer to hop in safety of the sheltered branches,, I have loved every minute watching their antics feeding their young earlier in the year and the squabbles that take place among them as they jostle for the best perch..
    Word must have gone out via the Bird-Call- Line too, for now we get blue tits, a wren and we even had a pair of Cole tits which we had not seen before..
    Changing one small thing in my back garden has brought more pleasure and birds to my garden.. It also shows How nature adapts to change.. 🙂

    • It is the way of wild animals to come and go, being unpredictable and liable to change. I hope to see Amber again, but I am realistic that she may have moved on.

      I have noticed that hedges are a favoured visiting place for smaller birds like sparrows, who seem unwilling to visit our bird food feeding stations in the middle of the lawn.

      • We have sparrow hawks around us, and in the past they have swooped down on the lawn and taken a sparrow.. So I think the canopy gives them safety.. Its become very popular and a delight to me to watch.. 🙂

      • I think I will try and adapt some of the bird feeders to a hedge to see how that works. How great to see birds of prey! We have two cats, one who is a highly effective hunter.

      • Yes we used to have Two cats and the birds then knew when they were about.. So I am enjoying them in my garden since being Catless…. One lived to 21 the other to 14.. We have had a total of 5 cats over time.. Now we have Fish in the outdoor pond and tropical fish.. 🙂

      • 21 is old! Your cat must have enjoyed life!

      • She did… and that was the years she was with us.. she had two lots of kittens prior to us having her… 🙂 She was part of the family and my daughter lost a best friend the day she passed so did I.. x

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