Calm in nature

Nature offers an opportunity to regain balance and calm.

In nature I can restore my inner harmony after a battering in the human world.

In nature I can restore my inner harmony after a battering in the human world.

As I interact with the human world I reach the point I want to scream.  The attitudes and behaviors of people towards each other and to this planet drives me crazy.  As examples: one individual said they enjoyed watching animals suffer so they gave up being a vegan; another attacked the idea of personal responsibility; we have two toilets, the cat Pebbles is curled up asleep in front of one blocking access, I use the alternative toilet rather than disturb the cat, the cat’s owner dumps the cat out-of-the-way to use the toilet it is blocking access to; a fellow member of a group has become a self-appointed tyrant and has been bullying new members, I am close to quitting the group; the list goes on.

Unfortunately there is no human refuge from this lack of empathy for people or living things, so it is towards nature I turn in which to reach harmony in my mind.  I watch the butterflies dancing around, hear the birds sing, and smell the many aromas of nature, then I find my inner calm and balance again.  If anyone questions why I prefer a walk in nature to a noisy social party, you know why.


14 responses to “Calm in nature

  1. When I came to England and I was very lonely, I used to confide myself in Nature and that hasn’t changed much! Nice post, Alex 🙂


  2. Thank you for this post. There are moments when I ask myself if I may be isolating myself too much from the ‘real’ world. But how can such a world be ‘real’ when it’s fueled mostly by superficiality, and as you wrote, the lack of empathy and compassion? ❤ ❤ ❤ NadineMarie ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. Many years ago I did some solo deep-water cruising, West out from Gibraltar.

    For the first three days I thought I was going crazy with fear, a not uncommon experience with tyro sailors. But then I found a place of deep peace, a real sense of total bonding with the ocean around me. I have never forgotten, and never will, coming on deck one night and seeing the dome of stars above me. Those stars coming right down and kissing the dark horizon of a black, calm ocean.

    Nature is where man is rooted. Man will learn that, all mankind that is, sooner than many appreciate.

    • You are right Paul, one way or another Nature will interrupt the endless party. There is an adjustment to make when someone steps out of human society into Nature, because the body and mind must slow down, which for a body used to being high on adrenaline is no easy task. I remember after intense exams I would always fall ill when I went on holiday.

      • Actually, must share a little story that underlines what you said. I lived in Larnaca Marina in Cyprus for five years on a boat known as a Tradewind 33; a yacht designed for deep-water sailing.

        Each Summer I would sail to Turkey or Greece solo to meet up with friends or family and then cruise that wonderful coastline. Each Autumn I would sail back solo to Cyprus. Never more than a three-day sail each way.

        I hated those solo journeys and decided that single-handed sailing wasn’t for me, and quietly dropped my ambition to sail solo across the Atlantic.

        Then I met a dear, wonderful fellow who had done not one, but two, solo circumnavigations. He had come into Larnaca to settle down! I said to him: “How on earth can you do that sailing alone; for weeks and months? I regular try it and can’t even manage three days without screaming from fear?”

        His answer: “Go beyond three days. Even for me the first three days are the worst. After that you will find your relationship with the ocean.”

        What words of great wisdom he offered me, and so right he was!

      • Great story, and worth being better known. I have heard stories of city dwellers coming to the countryside and being unable to sleep because it is too quiet.

  4. That’s all you can do is find the peace ans purpose in yourself.

  5. Alex being out in Nature offers Balance.. and sometimes we have to escape into it to become sane again from the madness our human species throw out..
    I enjoyed this post

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