Getting close and personal with nature

Nature is often full of adventures and surprises.

Two of the wild animals waiting to surprise you in nature.

Two of the wild animals waiting to surprise you in nature.

This morning a cat sits expectantly for treats.  I am clumsy and a rain shower of treats hits the cat, which flees.  I take a few treats in hand to restore my relationship with the fearful cat, I walk into a spiderweb I did not see; the upset spider is hanging from my face.  The cat will not touch the treats.  Sometimes my interactions with nature and animals goes badly wrong.

When I go camping, the problem at this moment is slugs and snails.  In the darkness I have to check for the slimy creatures in case they have invaded my tent, it is something I dislike sharing my sleeping bag with a slug.

As humanity expands, the wild lands of nature become smaller, so nature and humanity come face to face.  Humanity needs a new understanding of respect and harmony in a world where city and wild nature overlap.  Three stories in the media today highlights the problems of humanity and nature colliding.  You think it an ordinary day, you go to work and find a wild elk looking at you in the corridor. A normal day fetching water, you end in a 30 minute battle fending off a hungry leopard with a spade. Your mother-in-law is coming to stay, you enter the spare room to prepare the bed, a horror story greets you when you find 5000 wasps have made a claim to the bed as their nest.

One thing I am certain of is that in nature nothing is ever dull.


7 responses to “Getting close and personal with nature

  1. Very well said, nothing in Nature could be dull! I am enjoying this Nature topic! Keep up the good work, Alex!

    Have a good day ahead!


  2. Naima’s reply echoes my own thoughts. Lovely run of posts.

  3. Yes there is never a Dull moment where nature is concerned. I was amazed that the woman who fought off the Leopard survived. It just shows if they are seeing them more often just how Mankind is encroaching onto their habitats.. One can really not blame the Leopard in all honesty… Who was there first I wonder?.. And again the Elk wandering into the office.. showing again how we build upon paths of Nature and wonder why they get caught up within our man made world. As for those Bee’s Alex. Well that was a pretty amazing nest.. 🙂 I am happy I go into my own spare bedroom and dust it once a week LOL.. 3months was a long while to discover you have a Giant nest in your bed.. 🙂

    I had to remove a Giant spider from the living room last night.. as he/she ran across the floor… I kid you not when a pint pot only just covered its long legs.. I placed him out in the garden.. Hope he found some where dry.. 😉

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