Romance in an apple tree

Why watch television when nature is alternative viewing pleasure?

Romantic love of a male grasshopper victor and his female companion.

Romantic love of a male grasshopper victor and his female companion in my garden apple tree.

I threw out my television many years ago, and never looked back.  I have discovered that nature provides alternative viewing pleasure for those that are patient and observant.  My apple tree for instance provided me this morning with drama and romance.

It started when I saw a large green grasshopper worthy of a photograph, then I saw another large grasshopper, then a third smaller grasshopper.  It quickly was apparent that the two large grasshoppers were contesting for a female, moving from leaf to leaf in a positional chess game.

There was no violence, rather a strategic game of position as the males and female grasshoppers moved from leaf to leaf, slowly for fear of being eaten or suffering embarrassment of falling off the leaf.  Whatever happened, it seemed one male grasshopper lost the contest and wandered off, the second male waited whilst the female moved in to do what nature does best to make little grasshopper babies with her heroic champion.


14 responses to “Romance in an apple tree

  1. That is such a pretty picture, Alex 🙂


  2. Good for you Alex. Not sure I could do the same.

  3. Approve of your television decision. When we moved to our Oregon home we made two decisions: no television and no cell/mobile phones. (Although, we do have an emergency use only cell phone in the car.)

  4. Much better than TV. A week or two ago I bought a bird feeder and located it outside my bedroom window. Just yesterday the first bird found it. It is such a joy waking up to these delightful creatures…so much better than TV.

    • I have a bird feeder which becomes especially active in the winter and nesting period of spring. You are going to have lots of fun over the coming months as the birds start finding your bird feeder.

  5. What a wonderful programme! Great to see this with your own eyes!

  6. What a lovely observation that must have been Alex.. great photo shot too :-0

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