What is prosperity?

Prosperity: abundance; happiness; health.

I captured a visual metaphor what prosperity is to me: abundance; happiness; health.

I captured a visual metaphor of what prosperity is to me: abundance; happiness; health.

My apple tree and cat provided me a good visual opportunity to show my readers what prosperity is to me.

Abundance is the first quality of prosperity.  My apple tree produced many huge apples which presented a problem of what to do with them all.  The apple in the photo relative to my cat Pebbles is the sort of apples that grew in such abundance in my garden.

Happiness is the second quality of prosperity.  The face of Pebbles my cat in the photo says it better than words of a happy contented cat.

Health is the third and final quality of prosperity.  Pebbles my cat is eleven-years-old, she is an old cat, but she is a healthy cat.  Pebbles has a healthy appetite; can defend her territory against other cats (if she can be bothered); makes it clear to her younger rival Helix she is the Alpha cat; and her climbing skills are impressive.

Prosperity comes from working in harmony with nature.


10 responses to “What is prosperity?

  1. Widely may your words be seen.

  2. [ Smiles ] Nice explanation, Alex.

  3. My cat Bob is a little older than Pebbles but still moves magnificently speedily, especially for a cat with three legs. If I had lots of apples I would make apple pie, apple cake, apple crumble, apple turnovers and pork with apple sauce. Sometimes I like just cooking a cut up apple in a saucepan with cinnamon or cloves and then pouring cream over the top.

  4. As Colette O’Neill points out, there is no waste in nature; if you leave your surplus apples to rot on the ground, they’re not wasted but are contributing to the fertility of the soil.

  5. Life is full of abundance we but have to look around and open our eyes to what Nature and the animal kingdom show us..
    Now I see Emily has given you loads of ideas.. I made apple sauce and froze lots last year when my cousin gave me surplus off his tree, I stored them first and they lasted for months, the ones that looked iffy I cooked like Emily.. 🙂
    Love Pebbles your Cat by the way,

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