Personal space is sacred

Personal space is: body; mind; life; home and personal information.

A cat reminds me personal space is sacred.

A cat reminds me personal space is sacred.

The cat was doing what cats like doing, grooming herself.  The man dumped an apple next to her, and pointed a camera into her face, “smile he said.”  If looks could kill…

I admit I have the same feelings as the cat Pebbles if a random stranger points a camera or smartphone in my direction, I feel a sense of personal violation.  I take personal space seriously, and I defend it aggressively.

A police force in Britain has become the first to trial the latest face recognition software, so that you are identified on CCTV instantly, and linked in seconds to a wide range of government, spy and corporate databases.  You purchased a chocolate cookie, the CCTV spots you and informs your health insurance company, which instantly texts your cellphone that your insurance premium has gone up.  Facebook in a few years will roll out its software that can instantly identify and link photos on the internet; your employer, friends, parents or customers can instantly by pointing their smartphone at your face pull in every photo ever stored on the internet about you.  Scary.

The total invasion of personal space has become a socially acceptable situation for both government, corporate and the citizen.  Pebbles my cat reminds me that at least one little creature holds her personal space as sacred.


11 responses to “Personal space is sacred

  1. Now you have touched on an important issue. Don’t get me wrong, your posts are never trivial. But the wholesale loss of privacy, nay of our freedoms, is one of the more terrible aspects of life in the 21st century.

    Pebbles is spot on.

  2. [ Smiles ] Yes, I am in agreement that all personal space is sacred.

    Great post, Alex.

  3. That photo is hilarious. I don’t think CCTV is automatically bad – like all technology, it depends how it’s used. Sometimes it’s used to catch genuine criminals. We’re not at the chocolate cookie stage yet. I find the Facebook example more frightening.

  4. We are giving them permission when we istall different apps.

  5. Yes its scary… and glad my little old Blackberry phone is not that smart and I never down load apps.. even the freebies..

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