See through the illusion of fear

Fear is a powerful weapon the ruler uses to retain control.

Hope and dreams are like a rose, against which the authority figure uses fear to diminish or deny its bloom.

Hope and dreams are like a rose, against which the authority figure uses fear to diminish or deny its bloom.

I am a free spirit, difficult to control, though authorities would use fear as a tool to try to control me.  If I wanted to do something, I would do it. I developed a creative approach to counter those that used fear to restrict and undermine me.

Most of the news or advertising is a form of fear based marketing to control your thoughts and actions.  Fear of death, matched with the answer of a soap product to keep you young; a car crash, matched with the latest safety feature in a new car; an invented problem of loneliness because of bad breath, matched by the solution of a fresh mint mouth wash.

Fear based marketing against Scottish independence has reached fever pitch in the last week, a fear that oozes out of every UK news outlet covering the last days of the independence campaign reveals how closely entwined politician, media and the large corporates are, the so-called Establishment that seeks through pure fear to encourage the Scottish to vote no to independence.

I hope that the avalanche of fear will induce a psychological backlash from the Scottish to see through the fear as a mirage of illusion and thus vote YES.  Indeed, the current polls suggest that the Scottish YES vote is holding its ground, and there is a hidden majority who will reveal their intentions on the day of the voting.

You will find that when you follow a new pattern of thinking and behavior those in power will oppose you through fear.  The brave ignore the fear, see through it as an empty illusion.  Only by driving through fear will positive change become possible in this world.


12 responses to “See through the illusion of fear

  1. I am looking forward to that Scottish Independence Referendum too; let’s see what happens although I read that if Scots voted Yes next week, they aren’t voting for independence instead they are voting for rule by Brussels (Source : Telegraph). Fingers Crossed.


  2. It’s going to be an exciting few days. We can ‘feel the heat’ even this far away in Oregon! The Scots are a canny lot and I anticipate a ‘Yes’ win; albeit a close win.

  3. I needed this message today, thank you for sharing!

  4. The prospect of Scotland’s independence is of great interest on the other side of the pond too. Such a momentous time in history! And I too hope that whatever the decision is, it is based on logic and objectivity – not fear or anger or righteous indignation. Cool heads must prevail – although I’ve never seen an election in the States where that was the genesis of a major decision.

    • The Scottish independence vote is highly emotional, but I think the rebirth of a nation state impacts people on a deep emotional level. Yes, the ripples will impact all the world if Scotland gains its independence.

  5. I have watched this ‘Fear’ Campaign too Alex and its pathetic really.. We now see the former Prime Minister G.B. come out from the woodwork of the EU to campaign a No Vote.. Where we had seen hide not hair of him since his exit.
    You are right about the Adds too. also have you noticed how they seem to be treating the adult population to adds that are on the verge of infancy.. Do they really think we are so immature not to see how they manipulate their techniques? Well obviously they do..
    I shake my head at the gullibility of those that fall for them. We live in a crazy marketing world at the moment.

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