Caring about animal welfare

As individuals it is down to us to look after animals.

I define sustainability as action in harmony with nature, which includes how I or my business treat animals.

I define sustainability as action in harmony with nature, which includes how I or my business treat animals.

As so-called consumers each of us influence how government or corporate treats animals.  Tesco, a British food retail corporate, planned to shoot a wild bird flying around one of its shops, but a consumer outcry forced it to use alternative capture methods.  I could have stopped buying from Tesco had it shot the bird.

For six months I have been experimenting with a Facebook account in order to stay in contact with the creative industry in my town of Colchester.  This experiment came to an end today when I closed my Facebook account due to Facebook allowing content associated with the torture of animals.

My personal company now has an animal policy which means it will refuse to work with either customers, suppliers or investors who causes or supports the suffering of animals.  One potential customer I will refuse to work with under this policy is Colchester Zoo which for instance unnecessarily in my opinion shot three wolves last year that it allowed to escape.  In addition my company might employ animals rather than machines in some of its activities, and such animals would be treated as like an employee, with a focus on positive incentives, health and happiness of the animal.


18 responses to “Caring about animal welfare

  1. Bravo on your policies and choices, Alex. There are times when our actions become our voices — especially on behalf of those who have no voice.

  2. Agree with Eric and applaud your actions Alex. Especially your Facebook decision. Indeed, I am aware of my own difficulty from learning about that FB link. Unsure what to do.

  3. I hope you found a way to effectively close and remove your facebook account. I had to threaten them with legal action to achieve the same!

    • The account was deactivated. People can delete or change their Facebook data before closing it. I fortunately did not give Facebook too much personal data whilst I used them.

  4. Bravo Alex, Good for you in standing up to your principles and is that Amber laying on your lawn amid your oak saplings from the fallen old oak tree?.. Its good to see pictures to your posts, as often when I read in my phone email.. ( its not an Iphone ) 🙂 lol.. I can not see the picture content..
    I am pleased I never joined FB. I hear so my bad things about it. as well as how families use it and it causes so much much friction between them as fall outs ensue.. 🙂
    At least you gave it a try..

  5. Thank you all for your thoughts about Facebook. I have made up my mind and will be closing my FB account by the end of this coming week. Once again, thank you my friends.

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  9. Hi! This is probably one of the most precious pictures I have seen in a long time. Your garden fox looks so comfortable!

    I applaud you for your good nature and kindness to those who do not have words to speak with. They really need people like you out here!


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