Good and bad technology

I support technology in harmony with nature and humanity.

Nature can teach us a lot about how to create and apply technology that is in harmony with nature and humanity.

Nature can teach us a lot about how to create and apply technology that is in harmony with nature and humanity.

To media fanfare Dyson introduced to the world a robotic vacuüm cleaner, the coding which took engineers 100, 000 hours to produce. Scientists have developed a robot called Boris who will load up your dishwasher. Do you want to kiss someone far away? Let a robot kiss your beloved for you.

In my opinion current technological advances are unnecessary, enslaving and depersonalising.  It seems some may feel I hate or oppose technology, in reality I dislike bad technology and I support good technology.  I refuse to have a smart phone, I refuse to use cloud computing, I refuse to have robotic garbage in my home, because I have no need for them.  Why would I want a robotic vacuüm cleaner when I can use a dustpan and brush instead?

The following are four technological innovations I love:

1. Solar powered transport. 

On my shopping list, a solar-powered boat like MS Tûranor. The only vehicles I prefer to associate with are those powered by the sun or wind.  When you think that due to fuel costs a large container ship is slower than a wind or solar-powered ship, there is a bright future for this type of technology.

2. Communication with plants (and animals.)

We all know animals communicate, but did you know plants talk to each other? Imagine being able to find out how your apple tree is feeling today, or your runner beans telling you what the weather will be like? If a field of wheat can communicate to the farmer the moment it is under attack by a disease or pest, food productivity would increase.

3. Information and quantum mechanics.

I will soon be able to transfer vast amounts of information to you instantly without any possibility of it being intercepted by a third-party using quantum mechanical properties such as entanglement.

4. Artificial Intelligence.

Even though people love to become enslaved or enjoy illusionary control through smart phones and robotic vacuüm cleaners, they become paranoid about AI, terrified that an AI system might enslave or destroy humanity.  If an AI is smart enough to think for itself, then it can learn to care, become wise, to become a philosopher.  I see endless possibilities for positive applications of AI, for instance running all the accounting, inventory and records of a hospital, freeing up the time of medical staff to care for their patients.


10 responses to “Good and bad technology

  1. I do agree with you in some ways. I think a lot of robotic inventions are just here to make us lazier. There is nothing wrong with doing the washing up and other things…I refuse to have a dishwasher. I do though have a smart phone. Solar energy I find good too, use the elements or wind as much as we can.

  2. This is one good list but I loved the one with talking to plants. It’s so amazing. Thank you for sharing, Alex.


  3. Great Links here Alex, I especially was interested in the Science Report in the New York Times about Transferring information using Quantum Physics.. Interesting..
    I have long known about the communication between plants.. And I even had to say sorry to several shrubs I had to remove with my hubby last week. As we replan our front garden and extend our opening of our drive,. I painstakingly went through all the boarder digging out bulbs to replant later,, and transplant plants.. I would be wonderful to have them tell us back how they were feeling.. I am sure mine would have had a few words to say to me that day! 🙂
    As for the Hoover technology.. well I don’t wish to go back to sweeping my carpets with the dustpan and brush, but I do use one on the kitchen floor inbetween 🙂 Speaking of Hoovers it appears in a while those high-powered ones will be banned from sale as the EU rules a ban on them.. Another reason that UK should vote to exit the EU.. As those who sit think up new rules and laws..
    I think in general people are seeing for them selves that the bigger something gets the less its connected to the needs and feelings of individuals.. I have to agree with Scotland at the moment..
    Like we as individuals we have to look within, and get our own houses in order.. Something the Britain should be doing instead of fingers in everyone else’s pies..
    Apologies for airing my thoughts… Just as there is good and Bad technology there is also good and bad governing! 🙂
    Great to at last catch up with you.

    • I welcome your insights and views Sue, thanks for sharing them. EU is a case study in something too large and out of touch with the individual. The EU creates too many rules and restrictions that undermines justice, liberty and opportunity.

      At the moment there is too much bad technology and limited good technology. I hope this trend will change.

  4. Alex, once again you stimulate ideas. Just yesterday I was bemoaning to myself how I feel too deeply enmeshed in the Google world. But on a positive note, when we moved to this very rural part of Oregon we made the decision not to have a broadcast television service and no cell (mobile) phones, let alone smart phones. We do subscribe for an emergency use only cell phone, because of our location and potential fire risk, but it remains in the car.

    I’m embarrassed to admit that I’m unsure if I am connected to cloud computing! 😦

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