Scotland votes on independence today

A clear choice of liberty or slavery to the status quo.

The Union Jack as shown in this photo will never fly again from Colchester Castle if Scotland votes YES for independence.

The Union Jack as shown in this photo will never fly again from Colchester Castle if Scotland votes YES for independence.

I am self-employed, I chose a path that is insecure and unpredictable, either one of great success or financial ruin.  In the same way the people of Scotland will make a choice today of security by staying in the Union with England, or the insecure and unpredictable road of independence.

I am unable to predict the outcome of the vote for Scottish independence, despite being good at predicting political outcomes.  I think the Scottish people have a clear choice of either: NO, staying with the Union, enjoying the security of the known, believing the key message of the bankers, corporates, globalists and the political establishment that bad things will happen to them if they vote YES; or vote YES for independence, embracing the positive and passionate message of the promoters of Scottish nationhood.

If the vote is YES, I will no longer be using UK on this blog, or showing the images with the Union Jack flag in them.  My relationship with my Scottish family members, friends and business customers will remain unchanged.  The world will not end, and Scotland won’t be consumed in a fiery cataclysm.  The robin will still sing in the morning in my garden as it always does; my neighbours dog will still bark mindlessly at nothing; and my cat Pebbles will demand her daily treats.

A YES vote will show you my readers what your community, city, state or region could achieve if you wanted greater self-determination.  If the vote is NO then you will see first-hand how hard it is to break free from globalist and central control, who will do all they can to protect the status quo.

I respect the Scottish choice, whatever it will be, for it is their nation and their futures they will determine, and they know their own situation, needs and hopes better than me, the British Queen or President Obama do.  If Scotland vote NO, I will be disappointed, but if Scotland vote YES, I will be celebrating on Friday morning.


13 responses to “Scotland votes on independence today

  1. Then I hope you receive cause to celebrate, Alex!

  2. Come on Scotland – your vote could become contagious..

  3. Well done Scotland. For whatever the result of today’s vote, the world will never seem quite the same again. Can’t wait to hear the early guesses as to the result after 10 pm UK time.

    Agree completely with your post and the replies.

  4. You know Alex I never thought of that.. we will no longer be the UK.. and I wonder if the Union Jack will have to change too?… To be honest I think they will vote YES.. .. And Good luck to them, We need CHANGE… 🙂

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