Achieving a calm mind in life

The Autumn Equinox brought with it disaster and miracle.

In a crisis keep calm and carry on.  You achieve positive results from staying calm.

In a crisis keep calm and carry on. You achieve positive results from staying calm.

You die, life carries on.  It is true, friends of mine died, the world never stopped, the living carried on with life.  Why waste time in fear or anger when life demands living?

The Autumn Equinox in the North of this world marked the equalisation of night and day, before death and hunger falls over the sleeping land of Winter.  This Equinox brought me challenges: the toilet broke; I lost my hard-drive; one of my oak saplings snapped off, perhaps by Helix the cat chasing birds or the squirrel again.  In crisis we British drink tea, the saying is stay calm, carry on.

Pebbles the cat started life abused and neglected, eleven years later the psychological marks of her mistreatment remains: easily stressed; flighty; anxious. I have known Pebbles a year, she is grumpy, neurotic, sick on the carpet and sometimes annoying, but I have treated her calmly and kindly.  Pebbles came to trust me and likes to position herself near me.

In the last few days as I worked on the laptop Pebbles would sit watching me over the laptop screen, it was highly distracting.  Pebbles would sit on or position her head on the laptop to go to sleep making it hard to work.  On the Equinox Pebbles did something she had never done before with a human and jumped into my lap; the first attempt was a disaster as her claws were in my legs; the second attempt with help of blankets she delighted on being on my lap whilst clawing the blankets.  The miracle of this cat sleeping in my lap made up for the disasters of the day, the result of treating the cat with calm kind tolerance.

This morning I recovered my hard drive; rain started as I was walking home soaking me; the chain linking my USB memory stick and my key ring broke, answered by a cat jumping on the table for attention.  Working at my laptop, Pebbles sat on it, and managed to turn the laptop off.  I think Pebbles is hungry.


14 responses to “Achieving a calm mind in life

  1. Yes, a failed attempt to jump on a lap can be agony, attested. Love this post.


  2. So true…thank you for posting

  3. Alex, there’s no doubt that rescued animals offer us humans great insight into the power of compassion, patience, trust and love. Beautiful post.

  4. This post makes me happy for both you and Pebbles. She sounds like a character.

  5. That’s cats for you. Irksome and yet calming – all at the same time. Personally, I wouldn’t be without at least one around the place.

  6. Lovely to see Pebbles on your lap, she trusts you – a wonderful feeling!

  7. Sorry to hear about your losses but it seems animals always know when we need them around. Lovely Pebbles.

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