Learning from homicidal cows

Science should work in harmony with nature.

The modern day climate benefits a domestic cow rather than an Ice Age auroch.  Working against nature only ends in suffering for all living things.

The modern-day climate benefits a domestic cow rather than an Ice Age auroch. Working against nature only ends in suffering for all living things.

In the news this week a farmer had to kill some cows bred by German Nazi scientists due to their extreme aggression.  Based on the extinct ancestor of the domestic cow called the auroch, which appears on ice age cave paintings, the “Heck super cows” expressed homicidal tendencies towards anyone near them.  The farmer had to use an athletic young man as bait to get the cows into a trailer and off his farm.

There has been talk in recent years of bringing back into existence the wooly mammoths from the Ice Age, though in my opinion this is another expression of human hubris of acting against nature.  In the Ice Age the focus of animal genes was on strength, aggression and size, in harmony with an environment which contained abundant food and a hostile climate.  To bring back an animal that genetically is out of harmony with the modern-day environment is cruel to the animal and perhaps problematic for other species.

Despite humanity most species of plant and animal become extinct because genetically they are unable to cope with changes in their environment, those that do survive have changed to stay in harmony with an ever-changing climate.  Similarly attempts to bring back species of animal such as bear or wolf to nations such as Britain where they have been gone for hundreds of years is unfair on both humans and the animals in an environment that has changed making it unsuitable for their return.  Colchester Zoo shot three of their wolves dead for instance that escaped from my town zoo in 2013 for public safety reasons.

If there is a lesson from the homicidal cows of the farm in Devon it is that scientists need to learn some humility and work in harmony with nature in their work on behalf of humanity.

“Since they have gone it is all peaceful again. Peace reigns supreme on the farm.” – Farmer of homicidal cows.


14 responses to “Learning from homicidal cows

  1. I agree with you, man does not seem to get the idea. Woolley Mammoths is an absurd idea. We can’t even look after the elephants that we’ve got.


  2. [ Smiles ] Honestly, I know very little of the behaviourism of the animals that were around during the Ice Age and this was most interesting to read.

  3. Spending time in nature to get a better perspective benefits us all. I like cows and find them mostly inquisitive although they can be dangerous to turn your back on (close up they are big animals) in case they get startled or walk in a field with calves. Understanding nature is as important as knowing how to manage how we interact with it.

  4. Wouldn’t it be good if researchers/scientists grounded themselves morally — at least those who experiment beyond ethical boundaries! An interesting read, Alex.

  5. Yes once Man starts playing around in Nature, altering the natural flow, it will often come back to bite him in the butt.. or Butt him in full charge as in the case in point..
    This story I heard on Country File.. and its a prime example of how interfering causes imbalance..

    Thank you for the links too Alex..

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