What is abundance?

Abundance is something created such as food.

People often think abundance is money or material possessions, they are wrong, it is a thing that is born out of creativity such as growing food.

People often think abundance is money or material possessions, they are wrong, it is a thing that is born out of creativity such as growing food.

New Year and I bless people with the three elements of prosperity during 2015: health, happiness and abundance.  Health and happiness are easy to understand but abundance can confuse.

Abundance has nothing to do with money or material possessions.  Money is a measure or a token of trade, rather than a tangible or concrete thing.  We measure money either in pieces of paper of debt, a type of IOU note; base engraved metal or as figures on a computer database; all which can become instantly worthless in a financial crisis.  Money really is debt, which is the opposite of prosperity.

Modern civilisation embraces the paradigm that qualities of prosperity such as happiness comes from the constant consumer purchase of material possessions.  Human beings clutter their lives with possessions that brings about anxiety of their loss, protecting them from fire and theft, having to find room, often in paid for storage facilities of something of burden rather than happiness.  The paradox is that there is little prosperity in material possessions.

My local museum is full of images of gods with symbols of abundance, one common example is a cornucopia overflowing with fruit.  The ancient coins of the ancient Celtic rulers of Colchester shows an ear of barley, another symbol of abundance reflecting good soil fertility in the Colchester area.  From these images abundance means something you create: harvests; children; poetry.

When I wish abundance to you my readers in 2015 I mean that what you create, work at and accomplish results in an abundant harvest.  If you love growing fruit, may that fruit be plentiful.  As a result of abundance, money will come to you, and so will the material possessions if that is your goal, but it is useful to have in mind that abundance is directly related to creativity, what you create is what you harvest as abundance.


12 responses to “What is abundance?

  1. That’s the result of our material world. Abundance means money, happiness means money… sickening.


  2. Great message. I dimly recall previously asking if that local museum was Colchester museum. If so, did I add that in earlier times I have lived in Tollesbury, Wivenhoe and Great Horkesley? Sequentially, you do understand! 😉

  3. Alex, thank you my friend for these precious wishes for 2015.. Abundance as you say comes not from material things,.. I also return your wishes Alex and wish you abundance in ALL you do my friend

  4. …hence the mess we’ve created of this world… money is an illusion, a fleeting promise, a temporary agreement, nothing more… putting one’s faith in such a nothing leads to tremendous insecurity which consequently manifests as aggresssion, fear, anger, and war (among other things, none of which are terribly positive) as people grasp more and more at and for nothing, hoping that if they get enough, they might end up with something… chasing an impossible security whilst ignoring the unceasing abundance inherent to the planet…

    money takes and takes and takes and offers nothing in return but death and false promises…nature provides, and always has, and asks nothing in return… yes, i must agree Alex – money is the opposite of abundance… abundance is life and life is abundant… but we destroy life to create money, convert life to death and scarcity…

    • It is one of the challenges of humanity that it places value on money over nature, so that soil, water, air. all that humanity depends to survive is destroyed for worthless paper and base metal, which has nothing but debt backing it. It is a crazy situation.

  5. Nature provides all the abundance we need if only we knew how to use and share it more wisely.

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