Challenges always hide opportunity

All challenges are hidden opportunities.

The challenge of learning to photograph offered an opportunity of photographing this robin in 2012 that I turned into a card.

I faced the challenge of learning to photograph in 2012 and encountered this hidden opportunity of a robin, which I have turned into a card.

A friend rang, it was the year anniversary of a house fire that destroyed everything he owned.  He had no insurance.  Life is full of harsh challenges, which are in my opinion disguised opportunities.  The fire that destroyed his home and belongings gave my friend an opportunity to move on to a new situation without the baggage of the past.  My friend prospered and like a phoenix has rebuilt stronger than he was before.

My friend is also involved with a wood, one that my business wishes to pay for tree planting in.  My friend faces another challenge that the woodland is for sale.  The woodland sale provides an opportunity for the wood to come into ownership of a local, an environmentalist who is working with my friend.  I sense from my telephone conversation that the sale is running into technical obstructions, though like all things I see opportunities hidden inside challenge. I believe all will turn out well in this woodland sale, and I shall plan to visit this wood in a few weeks time.


12 responses to “Challenges always hide opportunity

  1. Glad to hear your friend is doing well. Exciting about the woodland opportunity.

  2. Yes out of every struggle there are lessons learned and growth to be had as we move through them eve stronger.. I am sure your friends venture will find its own level as things have a way of working out for the best in the long run. 🙂

  3. Only if you are comfortable with saying, would love to know where that local wood is?

  4. Fingers crossed for the woodlands. The good thing about challenges is often they pass and we are left stronger for them.

  5. From personal experience I found a disaster makes you stronger… we lost everything in a flood… it made us less conscious of material belongings…
    Glad to hear a property could return to a forest of trees…

    • I have also experienced difficult life challenges too and agree it makes you stronger. I have known lots of people who had an easy life, then the first mild set back they have a complete breakdown.

  6. Good luck with the wood. We would not appreciate the opportunities when the come if it weren’t for our losses. I”m glad the fire led to better opportunities for your friend.

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