Birds move into their new home

I welcome my first wild tenants to a nesting box.

Home Sweet Home, blue tits have moved into their new home in my garden to raise their young.

Home Sweet Home, blue tits have moved into their new home in my garden to raise their young.

I have decided to move into the real estate business letting out nesting boxes to wild birds in my garden.  My first customers moved in to their new home in the last few days.

I encountered birds nesting in metal boxes designed for smokers to dispose of their used cigarettes last year, which prompted me to supply nesting boxes in my garden as healthier places to nest for wild birds.

I miss my garden fox Amber, who last year spent many days sleeping in my garden in the sun.  My new visitors taking up residence are a pair of blue tits, who are currently building their nest in the nesting box, situated in an apple tree.  The nesting box cost me less than $5 to buy, something rough and natural, so I purchased three for my avian tenants.

Having wild animals living in a garden can provide hidden benefits for the gardener.  The blue tits can have anything as high as sixteen young in a nest, each requiring 100 caterpillars a day for food (or 1600 caterpillars a day for 16 young), which would significantly reduce any caterpillar problem in a garden.  Rather than use chemicals, a family of blue tits can offer a sustainable natural solution to a caterpillar infestation problem.


12 responses to “Birds move into their new home

  1. Now I am jealous LOL.. We put up bird boxes last year a little further apart than the ones in your picture. I have seen blue-tits around but not going into the boxes.. I sent hubby out again today to have a better look.. But no joy as yet.

    But we do have two blackbirds nesting.. in our shrubs One tree high over our small pond and the other in the conifer at the bottom of the garden..
    The Robin is in the wood pile behind the Rhodi LOL.. so not doing too bad… But I did want to attract these wonderful little birds this year..
    I guess the real-estate is better in my Neighbours patch LOL

    • You are doing well, the nesting box I have set up for robins is as yet vacant. Blue tits need a clear flight path to a nesting box, one with branches they can perch on near the box to check their surroundings. Plenty of time as yet, you may attract your blue tit customers any moment 🙂

  2. Renard Moreau

    [ Smiles ] You are always planning ahead.

    Goodbye caterpillar problem and, “Hello birds!”

    Now, if everyone was environmentally conscious like you, the world would be a healthier and a better place.

    Lovely article, my friend.

    • The wisdom is all around, people only need to wake up and use it to start harvesting positive outcomes. I had a major problem with caterpillars attacking my oak saplings last year, this should be less of a problem this year! Thanks for your comment Renard.

      • Ain’t that the truth! Your reflection about wisdom. Reminds me of something that was said the other day by Jon L., “The challenge with some is that they can have a very high intellect yet still have an extraordinary low awareness of others.”

      • Knowledge and wisdom are two different and closely associated things. If knowledge is a pattern, then wisdom is the ability to use the right pattern for the right situation.

      • Renard Moreau

        [ Smiles ] You are welcome, Alex.

  3. Lovely news! Hope Amber is ok.

  4. Brilliant idea. I loved the picture.


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