Giving animals a hand

Everyone can make an individual difference to animals.

Simple actions can make a difference for a wild animal.

Individuals have a positive impact on a few wild animals with simple actions.

Life often surprises with weird coincidence.  Even though I try to keep intervention in the lives of wildlife to a minimum, the beautiful little green beetle was trying to cross a busy path, its potential doom a crushing death under a human foot.

I watched as one pedestrian walked by oblivious of the beetle they nearly stood on; I decided to intervene.  I by chance had a Colchester Zoo leaflet which had the strap line “giving animals a hand!”  which I used to move the beetle to safety in the vegetation it was heading for.  I smiled at the interesting synchronicity of helping the beetle with a leaflet talking about helping animals.

The challenges of the world might be vast and impossible to overcome, but every individual can have a positive impact in their actions for a few wild animals.


12 responses to “Giving animals a hand

  1. What a lovely account. So true about the power available to us to help the natural world, one small step of loving kindness after another.

  2. The interface of human living with wilderness is increasing daily. Housing developments and suburban expansion (at least here in the USA, but I suspect everywhere that populations are expanding) into wild spaces, transportations systems that allow people to easily access wild spaces, and global commerce which transports plants, animals, insects, and microbes across natural barriors (oceans and mountians) often unknowinly, are all contributing to this phenomenon. For some scecies this contributes to extinction, while others thrive. Stralings and squires are abundant in the environments that humans generate. But, we are seeing more deer in suburban landscapes. And, following them are foxes and coyotes. Maybe this will lead to the decline of small, fluffy domesticated dogs….
    “Generations come and generations go, but he earth remains forever.” Ecclesiates 1:4

    • This is a good reason for humanity to give a helping hand to wild animals, because they are losing the environments they depend upon, forcing them to co-exist with humans in human environments.

  3. Beautiful ♥ since I’m very young I pick up worms and any kinds of little beings from streets and sidewalks whenever I can. And I smile every time, feeling blessed to share this small moment with a being of love.

  4. Lovely. I did the same thing this week with a caterpillar and a leaf.

  5. Alex I would expect no less from you. I am teaching my neighbor boys how to garden and find I have to explain why we don’t harm any of the bugs, or worms found in the soil. Hopefully they will remember these things.

    • Hopefully your neighbors will learn from your insights and pass on that knowledge to others. Little actions can ripple out to influence others for the positive.

  6. I am smiling too Alex.. Life never ceases to surprise us with its synchronisities 🙂

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