Being of benefit to others

You attract others by offering a benefit to them.

Offer something of benefit, and others will come to you.

Offer something of benefit, and others will come to you.

The winter and nesting season moves into the abundant season of plenty, thus I can stop feeding the wild birds.  I distribute the last of the food to the wild birds, the remainder of the nuts for the local squirrel.  Dozens of squabbling birds descend upon the food, and it is quickly gone.  I frighten the squirrel, which already has its paws on the nuts.  My cat love bombs me, so I feed her too.

All these animals are around me for a reason, I benefit them.  It is a simple lesson, that if you offer something of benefit to others, they will come to you.


7 responses to “Being of benefit to others

  1. Such a beautiful and over-whelming post with a great moral, Alex. Thank you for sharing.

    Kind Regards,

  2. We were rewarded with seeing a Gold Finch over the last several days who just stopped by our bird bath to have a drink around 5 pm ish each evening.. wonderful to see such a colourful bird and hope he finds his way back when the feeders get filled again in the autumn.. 🙂

  3. Beautiful. I have a habit of feeding ants with a crushed biscuit that I throw around a tree. Now there is a huge ant farm there.
    Thank you for sharing.

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