Share the space

The ability to share space with other living things creates harmony.

I often share my space with this cat.

I often share my space with this cat.

It rains outside.  A wet cat lands upon a chair, meowing to me.  I move to the edge of my seat, and pull the curtains back at the window.  I invite the waiting cat to sit with me.  As I type this post, there is a cat on my seat beside me, purring and looking out of the window upon her domain.  I am sharing the space.

The council of my town of Colchester is building hundreds of miles of cycle paths.  Near many of these cycle paths is a sign: “share the space.”  Pedestrian and cyclist now share these paths, mindful to respect the other in using this shared space.  Around Britain duck lanes now exist, a reminder to cyclists and pedestrians that they share the space with river birds beside the rivers and canals.

Sustainability is about acting in harmony with nature, which is possible if people share their space with other living things.


6 responses to “Share the space

  1. We can see the way to live in so many ways. Just a case of opening our eyes, hearts and minds!

  2. This is over-whelming. Thank you for sharing this beautiful deed.


  3. If only more could ‘Share their Space’ Alex.. Harmony would rule the land of many..

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