A policy of non-intervention

Any form of control is contrary to nature.

A picture of harmony. The fox Amber in 2014 sleeping in safety in my garden with my oak saplings.

A picture of harmony. The fox Amber in 2014 sleeping in safety in my garden with my oak saplings.

Control is a human delusion that loves to force everything into a state contrary to its nature, and often into an artificial state of stagnation.  Everything loves to move and change, whilst following a path based upon its internal nature or design.  The example of control and manipulation of food crops through genetic and chemical intervention by corporates such as Monsanto has a track record of producing long-term negative outcomes both in the environment and in the communities it impacts.

Fox hunting is an emotional issue in the UK with the Government about to vote on a measure next week which effectively legalises hunting foxes with dozens of hounds.  Fox hunting is a national sport of the wealthier section of British society which divides those living in the countryside who favour it against those who live in the urban areas who are against it.

I and my business has a non-intervention policy, which means I will not force my will upon society or the environment, since this is contrary to living in harmony with nature.  I can put on public record to a certain politician who will vote in favour of fox-hunting next week that I will blacklist them from doing business with me if they do vote to hunt foxes.  Whilst this action will probably have little impact upon how the politician will vote, my little action is in harmony with nature by simply removing any potential support from an individual without trying to control anyone or anything.


11 responses to “A policy of non-intervention

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  2. Alex, we were watching a BBC programme last night about how the pioneers when crossing to the West in the USA ended up killing millions of buffalo in a very short period of time. For many and varied reasons, it seems as though man just can’t live in harmony with the planet that gives us life.

    • Hi Paul, nature might be slow reacting, but humanity will eventually be forced to either live in harmony with nature or be destroyed.

      • You know what strikes me so forcibly these days, Alex, is that the truth, the innate sense, of your reply is not on the lips of 99% of that same humanity. I’m 70-years-old, haven’t a clue about how many more years I have, but I would die a very happy man if I saw that widespread acceptance of living in harmony with nature all around me.

        Interesting times!

      • Hi Paul, I am sure you have many decades of life left, and you will see interesting and challenging events, which may create a positive paradigm shift, over the next ten years.

  3. Anarchy can be tough on those without guns…

  4. Wonderful post Alex and thankfully this action has been delayed at least.. Foxes are part and parcel of the natural rhythms.. They Balance the Rabbits etc..
    A farmer not far away told a mutual friend he was overrun with rabbits eating his crops.. This was after he had been killing off all the Foxes.. All things have their place and Nature puts each of us here for a reason..

    Seems though we still have much to do as humans before we learn to live and let live, not only other species but to respect our own..
    Great post and picture

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