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The Papal Environmental Encyclical Is Online

Recently, Pope Francis issued an interesting letter to the billion-strong members of the Catholic Church calling for urgent action on the environment. The PDF link to the letter is worth reading.


An appeal to common sense

If it looks like a bad idea, it probably is a bad idea.

In my opinion a baby prefers security rather than being subject to unnecessary risk due to lack of common sense.

In my opinion a baby prefers security rather than being subject to unnecessary risk due to lack of common sense.

The UK media are getting hysterical at the moment over a new fashion called baby yoga, specifically about a video on Facebook.  Videos are appearing on social media such as YouTube that show babies, including newborns, being twisted and thrown in the air, which many observers consider dangerous.

Rather than be carried away by emotional hysteria and mass opinion, I watched one of the videos of baby yoga objectively, and using my common sense, I could see that baby yoga is a dangerous activity to subject a baby to.

Firstly, as a naturally clumsy person, I could never trust myself holding a baby, let alone throw it around in the air.  Common sense tells me that accidents can easily happen in baby yoga such as losing grip or dropping the baby.

Secondly, the people in the videos doing baby yoga are probably experts, and most people who might copy the experts are amateurs who would do harm to their baby if they tried this activity.

Thirdly, a baby swung around like in the baby yoga videos is subject to major forces on its vulnerable body, predictably risking serious injury or death.

Fourthly, the babies in the few videos I have seen did not appear to enjoy the experience.  There are alternative yoga exercises with a baby where they appear to enjoy the interaction, and there is low risk of injury.

Common sense is a form of wisdom, if something looks like a bad idea, it probably is.

A quick update on Liberated Way

I am still alive, and I am reviewing the future of the Liberated Way.

The corvid is a symbol of information delivery in my business. My current focus is how I deliver quality information solutions that can solve people’s problems via Liberated Way.

Hello to my wonderful readers.  This is an update on the Liberated Way blog to let you know that I am alive and well.  My life is busy, and blogging has been on hold for the moment.

I feel the present incarnation of Liberated Way has run its course, and I am looking for a new direction.  The new format that WordPress has created on its blogging platform I admit I dislike, I might move the blog to my own hosting platform.

Part of the philosophy behind Liberated Way is to offer information solutions that might be useful to helping readers solve their problems.  I have earlier written that I am looking to creating a site that can pull together solutions to everyday problems that have a proven record of results.  These solutions are scattered across history and the internet, which I would love to pull together into one location which anyone can visit.

I had hoped to find and work with someone who has already been pulling together the beautiful wisdom of nature and humanity, but there is nobody who has been actively doing this in the manner I envision.  I must therefore be the lonely rebel creating something from scratch, which takes time just to design it on paper.  This is why the blog is on hold.

I am interested in the philosophy of information delivery.  On the table should be the solution to the problem, everything else is unnecessary.  In contrast the internet is a mess, the user is bombarded with unnecessary information that confuses rather than solves their problems.  I see the internet simply as a book that the user opens to find an immediate solution to their problems, nothing more.  The current internet “book” fails to offer solutions, but is a nightmare that seems to offer useless, harmful and false information.

I have been spending a lot of time in thinking about how information is treated and delivered on internet sites, and again nobody is thinking about or doing the sort of things I would like to see happen.

This process is an interesting and frustrating time for me, but I offer this update to let you know what I am doing.  I wish you all a great new week.

A love of revolutionaries

 Revolutionaries change the world.

This swan was happy to express its revolutionary nature against humanity by attacking a group of canoeists infringing its territory in Colchester.

This swan was happy to express its revolutionary nature against humanity by attacking a group of canoeists infringing its territory in Colchester.

Two thousand years ago a woman called Boudicca became a revolutionary, leading the people of my town of Colchester in a full revolt against the Romans that burned London to the ground.  Over a thousand years later a priest called John Ball, who lived in Colchester, became the spiritual head of another revolt, leading revolutionaries from Essex and Kent on a march on London that nearly brought down the corrupt English king, church and aristocracy.  John Ball led the revolt in relation to an unfair tax called the Poll Tax.  Margaret Thatcher, who at one time lived a few streets away from where I live in Colchester, forgot her history, introduced the Poll Tax again, and the people of Colchester rioted along with most of the British nation, causing her downfall as Prime Minister.

I love revolutionaries, the people who lead movements against injustice.  An inspiration to women everywhere is Joan of Arc a peasant girl in France who against all odds convinced the French that God sent her to help defend the French against the English.  Joan appeared when the French was facing total defeat, with one last city about to fall to the English.  Joan of Arc rallied the demoralised French, showed tactical genius, and defeated the English in battle, setting in motion events that resulted in the French recapturing France from the English.  Captured, Joan of Arc defended herself on her own against a biased judge and jury with eloquent grasp of law and argument getting all but one charge thrown out against her.  The English tricked Joan in her prison cell on a legal technicality that resulted in her being burned to death for wearing male clothes.

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus was a revolutionary: he rejected the Greek gods and superstition; he publicly condemned his own people; he abdicated kingship in favour of philosophy; he attacked Homer, so beloved of the Greek people; he publicly revealed Eleusinian Mysteries, an act that should have had him executed; and right to his death he expressed his opinion the dead is no better than being thrown out as cow dung, covering himself in the same and dying.  Even today, Heraclitus in my opinion is the best of the philosophers in the West of this world, equivalent to Lao-Tzu the founder of Taoism in the East of this world.

Revolutionaries are brave, they lead by example and create new paths of thinking and doing against conformity and opposition, breaking the boundaries of injustice liberating others to follow in their footsteps.  A hundred years ago women in Colchester and other towns took on the establishment in the Suffragette movement against the social and political barriers of their time to win the right of women to vote, and won.

Roses and Memorials

A tragic stupid war that should never be forgotten.

I placed a rose down at the Myland War Memorial.  The First World War should never be forgotten.

I placed a rose down at the Myland War Memorial in Colchester. The First World War should never be forgotten.

In 1909 my town of Colchester declared its own holiday as everyone indulged in a pageant celebrating the history and stories of the town.  One of the young pageant performers was Jack Clarke aged 14 who I randomly selected as a subject of research into his historical era.  Jack and the pageant was a small part of a society ended by war.  Jack died in the First World War.  An attempt to hold a pageant in 2009 failed for lack of community interest and money, a far cry from a hundred years before.

It was for people like Jack Clarke that I yesterday purchased dark red roses, something living yet temporary and fragile like the lives so easily extinguished by machine gun and explosive shell.  Colchester has many memorials to the fallen, I visited seven of them, placing one rose at each of the memorials.

There was no ceremony or words as I placed each rose at each memorial, I let action speak for me.  I placed a rose in the Colchester Town Hall war memorial, the building where the elected rulers of Colchester make their decisions.

I walked a few miles to Myland which has a war memorial opposite a church.  A bunch of flowers was already placed at this monument, ribbons trailing down the edges of the memorial.  I placed my one rose upon the memorial.  I sat a while at a nearby bench.  It was tranquil. The church clock struck twelve midday, I had no watch and I left my cellphone at home, I wanted to step out of time for a while.  I notice the names on the memorial: four Wheelers; three Munsons;  many names repeated; many families of this parish were hit hard by this war.  An elderly woman came, placed her flowers on the monument.  I said how stupid this war was, she nodded.  A dozen laughing children walked past, always the hope for a happy bright future.  Each rose I place has a little note attached, my hope that some might read, this war should be remembered.

The day the lamps went out

The hundred year anniversary of the First World War.

Colchester War Memorial of the First World War.

Colchester War Memorial of the First World War.

One hundred years ago today Britain declared war on Germany.  As the airwaves drowned in telegrams of nations declaring war on each other, the lamps of the world said a newspaper had gone out.  Church bells rang throughout Europe, no weddings or celebrations, the harbinger of war, mud and death.

The rulers of the time said the war would be over in weeks, at worst by Christmas.  In my town of Colchester they marched to war, the drums and marching feet echoed in every other town and village in Britain, and across every hamlet in Europe.  Those happy optimistic faces fighting for their king and country, the memorials of their passing stand tall and silent in every corner of Colchester, many of those laughing faces never came back.

The rulers gambled like drunks in a casino, millions of lives like little poker chips on the table.  At the head of the table was Death, his perpetual grin marking the only winner in this game.  The casino always wins, the harvest of dying empires like butchered cattle hanging on meat hooks.

Verdant green grass cover the angry fields of agony; crimson-blood coloured poppies replace the dying men;  the sweet singing sky lark drowns out the explosions and screams amidst a thin wall of time.  All the players in the Greek tragedy of human stupidity are gone, death takes all.

The last ancient soldier who marched and came back home nearly alone.  Today on the hundred year anniversary of war he would hear a British Prime Minister calling for increased military spending, NATO armies deployed to Russian borders.  The soldier might question the sacrifice.  In their casino the rulers gamble; in austerity the Colchester town lights go out again at night; the grinning man smiles.

Invest rather than speculate

Investments based on blind faith are likely to ruin you.

Growing your own food is probably a sensible strategy rather than continuing to have blind faith in the buying power of paper currency that has nothing to support it but debt.

Growing your own food is probably a sensible strategy rather than continuing to have blind faith in the buying power of paper currency that has nothing to support it but debt.

I met activists from Green Peace recruiting members at an event today in Colchester.  I said to these activists I would have nothing to do with them because of the disaster where one of their staff speculated in casino types of speculation on money markets losing their members millions of pounds.  The activists were dishonest to me denying the staff member was gambling membership money, but then I checked the news sources again and found it was gambling that lost the charity its money.

It would seem that if we could send all the bankers on a one-way ticket to Mars  this world would reverse many of its challenges traced to the door of bankers and their greed, gambling and debt.

The world lives in a trap of dishonesty and fantasy, only valid whilst we all believe and participate in it.  The paper, base metal and numbers on a computer database we call money has no assets backing it, but pots of debt that the bankers move around the planet to maintain this vast illusion of nothingness.  If people stopped believing in paper currency the billionaires would see their piles of money rendered worthless overnight.

If you can see beyond the illusion, a jar of honey is worth more than a $1 million in paper currency.  A jar of honey is tangible, you can feed your body with it, but paper currency can only feed your body as a medium of exchange for a jar of honey if you have faith and opinion the paper is worth something, but in reality nothing but debt supports it.

Those with wisdom might foresee that the game of moving pots of money around the globe is coming to an end with serious consequences for everyone, which means anything valued on paper such as shares, currency or options will become worthless.  It is to tangible things that won’t vanish in value due to blind faith such as land, food, solar energy production, water and buildings that will ensure security if the economic situation changes for the worse.  You cannot eat paper money, but you can eat the potatoes you grow in the garden.