My influences

In addition to my life and nature I offer the following text sources that have influenced my philosophy of the Liberated Way.

If I could sum up with one word the core of my Liberated Way philosophy it would be “wisdom.”  All the following sources offered pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that I painstakingly pieced together based upon this word called “wisdom.”


The following are some videos I found inspirational:
1. On creativity and education:

2. On running a business or school with no rules:

3. Forget what you know:

4. Teen built a nuclear fusion reactor in his garage:

5. Child invents new ways of solar energy production:

6. Nature’s Child:

7. Cave of Forgotten Dreams:


18 responses to “My influences

  1. Heraclitus, oh man, what a guy. Just hope I don’t part this world the way he did, hehe.

    I tend to go for Plotinus my self, neo-platonism has recently struck a chord in me, though, i am very skeptical 😉

  2. I read Gunn many years ago. A great writer.

  3. I just ordered The Green Isle off amazon. I look forward to reading it!

  4. Thank you for including your influences, Alex, and for mentioning Neil Gunn. I was looking up his books on an online English book sellers (based in Guernsey) where I always order my books (free shipping worldwide) just a while ago and decided to get this author’s The Well at the End of the World. In January I’ll get The Green Isle of the.Great Deep.
    Thanks again!

    • The Green Isle of the Great Deep has been a major influence on me, especially in the present modern world climate. Neil Gunn is one of the greatest Scottish writers of his day. I hope you like his books.

  5. Hi Alex, thanks for liking my post on cosmopolitanism. I share your regard for Heraclitus. Best wishes, Phil Stanfield

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