Here follows a few policies in relation to Liberated Way.


The Liberated Way is of the view that copyright protections can inhibit the flow of positive practical wisdom in the world.  Except for the Liberated Way logo, images that show people, and images that Liberated Way has no copyright authority, you are welcome to use images and knowledge on this site for your personal use, or the education of others, provided:

  1. it is used in a non-commercial way.
  2. it is legal.
  3. credit is given to Liberated Way.


All comments are allowed, and often replied to provided they:

  1. are on topic.
  2. non-spam.
  3. constructive
  4. non-abusive.
  5. legal.


The purpose of Liberated Way is to offer knowledge that readers may find practical and useful in their lives.  Readers should question and independently validate all sources of knowledge and advice.  Liberated Way is no substitute for professional advice, nor is it a guru.


Enquiries about Liberated Way can be posted to the “About” section of the blog.


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