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Nature shows the reality of life

Nature teaches the meaning of life.

Those who adventure into nature, if observant and open-minded, will learn the meaning of life.  Everything loves life, growth and procreation; which requires strategies to capture or conserve energy.  There is no ending or beginning, merely change and constant motion.  Things die so that another lives, and strife is the supreme agent of all motion and change, the first principle in nature.  These observations are evident everywhere everyday in nature to those willing to take time away from their busy lives to learn.

Below is a video taken of the dramatic events between a rabbit and a snake.  The snake needs to live, so it has preyed on three baby rabbits, killing two.  The mother discovering the tragic scene, attacks the snake, freeing the surviving baby rabbit.  The conflict continues as the snake flees, pursued in an epic duel with the mother rabbit.  These dramatic scenes happen everywhere everyday in nature, a lesson on the meaning of life.