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Challenges and choices in nature

Interactions with nature is a play of challenges and choices.

This squirrel presents me with the latest challenge in nature: burying food in my oak sapling pots.

This squirrel presents me with the latest challenge in nature: burying food in my oak sapling pots.

My good friend Paul of Learning for Dogs reblogs a post about my oak saplings;  whilst reading that post, I catch sight of the local squirrel outside the window heading for my oak saplings to bury its nuts in the pots.

The squirrel is the latest challenge from nature, one that raises fear in me that my oak saplings will suffer harm from the squirrel’s activities.  I have stopped feeding the wild animals, because food is now abundant in these warm days, the last of the food, including nuts, I offer to the wild animals so it is not wasted.  The squirrel is using the food offered to it, burying the food in my oak sapling pots.

My initial choice is to recycle the nuts into the food waste, but the landlord of the property prevents me as they need to clean out the food waste bin.  I make the choice to wait, do nothing, let things flow for the moment.

The cat sees me at the window and meows. Another challenge. An invite to come into the garden with her. Another choice.


I choose therefore I am

Opto ergo sum, Latin for I choose therefore I am.

A choice is like a move in a chess game, every move determines if you win or lose in the game of life.

A choice is like a move in a strategy game, every move determines if you win or lose in the game of life.

Regardless of the claims to the contrary, if you can choose, then you have free will.  Your choice determines what you become.  If you choose to eat a hundred hamburgers a day for a year without exercise then you chose the outcome of becoming obese.

Three main influences that change you are your thoughts, actions and experiences.  If you choose to think negative thoughts every day, you chose the outcome of a negative life.  If you choose to hug a hungry polar bear, you chose your death.  If you choose to experience a war, you chose the outcome of psychological trauma.

At the age of 18 humans leave the safety of their mothers as independent agents, from that moment self is responsible for their choices and the outcomes of those choices.

Everything is in a state of becoming.  You determine the outcomes by your choices of what you will become now and in your future.

Prosperity is a blessing in disguise

Entitlement, rights and obligations are human invented illusions.

Children are full of hidden potential that requires years of effort to bring out.

Children are full of hidden potential that requires years of effort to bring out.

I spent money, energy and time yesterday chasing a business opportunity, the hard work paid off with success.  I wrote about what prosperity is yesterday, now I wish to point out that prosperity comes with a challenge. Everything in life has a challenge that you pass to receive the blessing.  For my hard work, I passed my challenge, my blessing was a large business contract.

Firstly, I wish to kill off some delusions humanity has.

There are no obligations, only choices

You have no obligations in this universe, only choices.  What we think of as obligations are human inventions, for instance to obey the speed limit and pay our taxes.  The universe follows a certain pattern which Heraclitus calls the “common”.  Our body and mind has evolved and behaves according to this common, thus to conflict with the common means conflict with our own selves; life is easier if we follow the common.  We have choice to follow the common or not.  There is no great authority, or set of laws that obliges us to obey; the universe cares nothing if we follow its pattern or not, the choice is ours, but to conflict with the universe is going to have painful outcomes.

There are no rights, only contracts

Everyone screams and stamps their feet about rights in this world.  In this universe you have no rights, not even to live. Rights are human inventions where the State sets out a contract detailing rights and obligations, often which it then abuses.  Every interaction you have with everything in the universe is a relationship, which of itself quickly forms a contract between both parties; an understanding that both parties offer something of benefit to the other, and leave the table a winner.  Bees and flowers have no rights or obligations to each other, they have formed a contract to trade benefits with each other, a relationship formed through choice.

You are entitled to nothing

Civilisation creates a life of ease and a fantasy of entitlement.  Practically everyone is caught in the delusion of entitlement, for instance to welfare, health care and education.  This entitlement leads to irresponsibility, abuse of freely offered services, neediness, greed and a mentality of taking things for granted.  Any service freely given in human society is paid for by somebody or something, or as a result of the suffering inflicted on a people or nature. In this universe you are entitled to nothing, everything comes with a challenge to be overcome before you receive the blessing within.

Everything is a blessing

Your health, your eyesight, your life, your friends are all blessings.  These blessings are states of being, and are never an end state, but rather a state of becoming that is going on from moment to moment whilst you follow the principles that caused this state of being to exist in the first place.  You start being unsustainable those gifts of health, eyesight, life and friendship will vanish.  You are not entitled to these blessings, you have earned them by good action, for instance by being kind to others and eating the right foods.

The challenge to reveal the blessings

In the story of The White Buffalo Woman nature in the guise of a the White Buffalo Woman gave a gift to humanity of a white buffalo, a symbol of prosperity. To ancient people the buffalo, or its equivalents the bison or bull, were if killed provided a family with everything they needed from food, to salt to clothing to tools.  However, whilst nature makes such blessings freely available, emanating blessings all the time, there is a challenge of revealing the blessing within.

In Celtic stories they often touch on the subject of people and things being invisible or vanishing, since in the Celtic world view all objects were split into a spiritual and material state of being.  Mother nature to the Celts offered blessings that were invisible, hidden in a world of potentiality, and it was down to the hero to reveal, to make visible the blessing through passing a challenge.

Whilst White Buffalo Woman freely offers her blessings to humanity as a buffalo, the blessings are hidden in the animal, which has to be hunted then overcome in battle to release, reveal or make visible the blessings as food, clothing and tools. No buffalo is going to offer itself freely to humanity to kill, they are dangerous animals, thus there is the challenge.