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2016 New Beginnings

Second day of a new year, and I wish all my followers of Liberated Way abundance, health and happiness in 2016.

This blog is retired, but the occasional post like this will appear.

2016 stands before me like a freshly ploughed field, a fresh opportunity to harvest something through choices and deeds that I will feel good about.  People at this time make new year resolutions, often too many, too ambitious and without sufficient motivation to carry them through to completion.  I shall make three resolutions as follows:


This is the Mother Tree of my oak saplings.  It fell in a storm in 2013.  The tree lives on in my memory as a symbol of my dream to find personal happiness, motivation and serenity through my choices and deeds in life. 

1. Planting trees.

I have found homes for my eight oak saplings in their third winter of life. My largest oak sapling “Branwen” shall in the autumn be planted in Stanway in Colchester in a parish council graveyard, whilst its sister oak saplings will head to a wood on the opposite side of Colchester near Greenstead.  My business will fund a tree planting scheme during 2016 in the “Greenstead Wood”, which is now held in a trust so that nobody can sell it if the owner dies.

2. Selling a board game.

After gaining my first orders for an interpretation of a game found in a possible Druid grave in Colchester, and positive support from local archaeologists, residents and media, I will begin marketing the game locally in Colchester.  When I moved seven of my oak saplings to the Greenstead wood, I also took my a game board with me, which we played in that wood.  The game I believe is the same one as the Celtic storytellers call Fidchell or Gwyddbwyll, which means “Wood Wisdom.”

3. Building an artificially intelligent entity.

The film Golden Compass describes a world where people have companion animals called daemons, which are manifestations of their inner selves.  I have a deep desire for my own daemon like those of the Golden Compass, which might be possible through artificial intelligence.  Many frustrations, needs and ideas converge in my desire for daemons, which no doubt will alarm some people with vested interests in the toxic paradigms that infest this world.

  • websites coded and run by daemons.
  • elephants, rhinos and refuges for wildlife watched and protected by daemons.
  • the deaths, injuries and suffering inflicted upon patients in UK hospitals due to negligence and bad administration prevented by daemons who can monitor everything, and run all administrative processes, leaving staff to care for patients.
  • daemons working alongside human counterparts to manage projects.
  • specifically children, a totally loyal daemon that can protect their privacy, security and interests.  The age of corporations such as Google that can snoop on the personal information of individuals would be ended by the daemons.
  • replacing left-brain approaches with right-brain processes to AI.
  • challenging the obsession of developing AI based on humans and animals, with one based upon plants and eco-systems.
  • exploring ideas in nature, philosophy and animism such as the concept of genius loci in AI.
  • changing the rules to focus human society on sustainability (action in harmony with nature); experience (mother of wisdom); senses (mother of knowledge); creativity (right-brain focus); and reason (conclusions based on senses, experience and the common patterns of nature.)
  • wiping out top-down, centralised, command-and-control systems with a decentralised, localised and independent thinking set of systems.

Nothing big you understand, but rather a personal exploration of ideas I have through AI daemons.  To me, the greatest thing I could obtain is happiness, motivation and serenity, which would come to me in abundance from exploring AI daemons, but the implications for human history and society might be profound.