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Beginnings and endings

What ends is also a beginning.

What ends is also a beginning of something else.

What ends is also a beginning of something else.

Liberated Way has lived a semi-active existence in the recent year, and I have now decided to bring this blog to a natural close.

It is great to know that over 1700 readers find this blog a useful site to follow, and for the continuous visits of those many random visitors who daily visit, even when I have not posted on the site for many days.

I have reached a point in my current life where time has become a precious commodity as my business continues to grow.  I would like to use my time to create something that will be of continuous benefit to a visitor, but with blogs it is hard because past blog posts are quickly lost under newer posts, rarely read by many people again.  Nor can I be sure that what I write is immediately useful to a reader.

It is time for me to move on away from blogging to create a website of wisdom that can solve a visitor’s problem. I have mentioned this before, and such a site is also called Liberated Way.  There is a lot of wisdom in nature, history and culture which would be useful to pull together into one site, perhaps with a chatbot that can identify and deliver solutions that a visitor requires at the time of the visit.

Although I will no longer be blogging wisdom on this blog, but leave it available to those who would like to visit its archives, I will provide occasional updates on my new project here.

I would like to thank all my readers and followers for your comments and support over the years.  As one chapter ends, a new chapter begins.


Sources of inspiration for Liberated Way

I created links to sources of inspiration for Liberated Way.

Everyone have a source of inspiration.

Everyone has a source of inspiration.

Everyone has a source of inspiration, the many sources of inspiration for Liberated Way have now been listed here. The links include pdf or html sources to texts, and some videos that inspired me.

I hope you will find these links and the blog posts on Liberated Way useful.

A quick update on Liberated Way

I am still alive, and I am reviewing the future of the Liberated Way.

The corvid is a symbol of information delivery in my business. My current focus is how I deliver quality information solutions that can solve people’s problems via Liberated Way.

Hello to my wonderful readers.  This is an update on the Liberated Way blog to let you know that I am alive and well.  My life is busy, and blogging has been on hold for the moment.

I feel the present incarnation of Liberated Way has run its course, and I am looking for a new direction.  The new format that WordPress has created on its blogging platform I admit I dislike, I might move the blog to my own hosting platform.

Part of the philosophy behind Liberated Way is to offer information solutions that might be useful to helping readers solve their problems.  I have earlier written that I am looking to creating a site that can pull together solutions to everyday problems that have a proven record of results.  These solutions are scattered across history and the internet, which I would love to pull together into one location which anyone can visit.

I had hoped to find and work with someone who has already been pulling together the beautiful wisdom of nature and humanity, but there is nobody who has been actively doing this in the manner I envision.  I must therefore be the lonely rebel creating something from scratch, which takes time just to design it on paper.  This is why the blog is on hold.

I am interested in the philosophy of information delivery.  On the table should be the solution to the problem, everything else is unnecessary.  In contrast the internet is a mess, the user is bombarded with unnecessary information that confuses rather than solves their problems.  I see the internet simply as a book that the user opens to find an immediate solution to their problems, nothing more.  The current internet “book” fails to offer solutions, but is a nightmare that seems to offer useless, harmful and false information.

I have been spending a lot of time in thinking about how information is treated and delivered on internet sites, and again nobody is thinking about or doing the sort of things I would like to see happen.

This process is an interesting and frustrating time for me, but I offer this update to let you know what I am doing.  I wish you all a great new week.

Overcoming challenges by doing it

Procrastination, fear and obstruction overcome by activity.

Human society loves immediate gratification but nature shows that the reward is often delayed in coming after action.  The acorns I planted sat silently sleeping for many months before manifesting as an oak sapling.

Human society loves immediate gratification, but nature shows that the reward is often delayed in coming after activity. The acorns I planted sat silently sleeping for many months before manifesting as oak saplings.

You achieve nothing in life without intelligent action.  After time away I faced challenges to writing on Liberated Way again: fear of losing writing form; procrastination formed from the fear and inertia of writing inactivity; the changes to WordPress that made the blogging platform strange, complicated and clumsy, changes that I totally disliked.

Change is a universal truth in nature, Heraclitus observed  “everything flows,” a motto I have adopted for my business.  Living things adapt to change or fail in the game of life.  It is for us to flow with the changes, adapting in harmony with nature.  Change has no master, it is useless complaining, and worse, doing nothing.  Regret is painful to those that make no attempt to meet a challenge or seize an opportunity; by attempting something and failing such as getting light out of a potato a few days ago, provides relief from regret.

The only answer to challenges in life is activity, getting your hands dirty, taking the cuts and bruises; learning through failure; expending energy, tears, sweat and sometimes blood through a painful, sometimes boring process against relentless obstacles, opposition and pain.   It might seem that after a massive expenditure of time, energy and money in a painful fight resulting in abject failure the individual might question why they bothered, but hidden treasure such as wisdom born from experience in the attempt, and a tough mind born of the strife of the stressful experience is the least of rewards no book or easy walked path can give you.

In this game of life those who act are the hero, those that complain and do nothing are the zero.  The rewards of life come to the hero who has acted because they have planted seeds that often reward them later on with a harvest of benefit.  Those who do nothing, plant nothing, and often harvest nothing but regret.  It is also the case rewards in life are rarely immediate, manifesting months, years even decades later after the attempt just as my acorns I planted took many months before manifesting as oak saplings.

It is good to use intelligence in action, by following a path with intelligence increases success and reduces the pain suffered by a process of action.  The flowers I planted in my garden I intelligently decided to plant in the right season, the joy of watching them slowly manifesting as spring flowers is born of this intelligence.

The only answer to these challenges against my blogging was plunge in and get writing again, it was hard and messy, with mistakes, but now I flow again as I write this latest article.

I am rewriting some blog posts

No new blog posts for a week or so on Liberated Way.

frog and a rainbow

I photographed this frog today, and surprisingly I caught a rainbow too.

Liberated Way will soon mark its third year of existence, and I am in the process of rewriting some of my past blog posts to reflect my current aims of this blog.

Rewriting blog posts takes time so I will be posting no new content for a week or so.  I will continue to read and comment on all the beautiful blogs I follow.

Enjoy my photo I took today of a frog.  Nature hides many surprises, and this frog appeared in my garden by surprise giving me a number of good photographic opportunities.  Another hidden surprise was the rainbow I found in this photograph of the frog.

Blogging is a great tool of communication

Blogging is a fast way to exchange knowledge, network and build a community.

Blogs are a simple and effective communication tool.

Blogs are a simple and effective communication tool.

The Guardian recently asked the followers of its sustainability section for one tip on how to  communicate sustainability to others.  I suggested blogging, and gave the Liberated Way as an example of such a blog.  This was a competition, the prize being a free place on a communications course.

My tip made the top five:

“My tip is use a blog to communicate sustainability values and ideas to people. I have started doing this through my blog at http://www.liberatedway.com”

I think people can be too clever or intellectual in trying to share the values of sustainability with others, which can discourage rather than motivate others to adopt a sustainable attitude and activity to our planet.  If humanity is to have a future on this planet then everyone has a part to play, so any tool or communication process has to be simple and inclusive to reach everyone.  Blogging achieves this.

My tip is now in the voting, a process that will last only two days.  If you think my tip is worth voting for, please do give me your vote.  My tip is the last option, which mentions this Liberated Way blog.