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Nature shows the reality of life

Nature teaches the meaning of life.

Those who adventure into nature, if observant and open-minded, will learn the meaning of life.  Everything loves life, growth and procreation; which requires strategies to capture or conserve energy.  There is no ending or beginning, merely change and constant motion.  Things die so that another lives, and strife is the supreme agent of all motion and change, the first principle in nature.  These observations are evident everywhere everyday in nature to those willing to take time away from their busy lives to learn.

Below is a video taken of the dramatic events between a rabbit and a snake.  The snake needs to live, so it has preyed on three baby rabbits, killing two.  The mother discovering the tragic scene, attacks the snake, freeing the surviving baby rabbit.  The conflict continues as the snake flees, pursued in an epic duel with the mother rabbit.  These dramatic scenes happen everywhere everyday in nature, a lesson on the meaning of life.


The circle of life and death

Nature reminds me life and death is a circle.

The circle of life and death.

The circle of life and death.

I visit a house, the noise of hungry little birds emanating from a nest hidden in the roof, busy parents flying in and out feeding their brood. Less than a week before summer (1st May) I encounter life all about me, like a vast fountain of creativity, as plant and animal erupt into growth and creation.  I feel a sense of joy at the life all about me, like dipping my feet in crystal clear spring waters.

Amongst this carnival of life a reminder that with life there is also death.  Helix our cat is an effective hunter, a blue tit is found dead upon the ground.  I feel no sadness for the death, it is a natural part of the cycle of nature, my animistic viewpoint is of a small spirit returning to the source, and from then renewing.  No anger for Helix, since this is the nature of cats, despite being fed, a cat must follow the primal instinct of its nature to hunt.  I carry the dead blue tit to an overgrown spot of trees and grass, here I place the blue tit to decay and thus become part of the life of plant and animal of that place, such is the circle of life and death.

Life is temporary

Life is only in the moment, why waste life?

You are like a beautiful rose, but like all roses your bloom will fall away and you will die.

You are like a beautiful rose, but like all roses your bloom will fall away and you will die.

There is a vase of roses and lilies behind the laptop as I write this which are showing the signs of their last bloom.  I purchased the flowers for someone two weeks ago, and they blossomed over those two weeks to a magnificent perfuming bloom.  The flowers are dying now, a reminder that all things are temporary and impermanent.

In nature I see life and death happening all the time.  I see the broken egg-shell, discarded remains of a new life that has entered this world, the mother bird dumped the shell away from the nest to keep the nest clean.  I see the dead bird the cat Helix dumped on the kitchen floor.  I see in the garden under the lens of my camera the bloom of flowers of one species, which a time later dies away, replaced by another species of flower.  Nature reminds me of that harsh truth that I shall die, the hidden blessing to live each moment of life.

Two stories in the media expresses how fragile life is:  a baby which went to sleep in its fathers arms died suddenly in its sleep;  a ship sinks in South Korea, a student sends their last text message: “This might be the last chance to say I love you.”