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Being a good steward

Stewards look after their stakeholders.

Steward your resources and those of others well, avoid waste.

Steward your resources and those of others well, avoid waste.

In my business I am steward, in that I protect, guide and feed that business by managing all its resources in an efficient way.  Good stewardship is the difference between the success or failure of a business, which includes the efficient management of limited resources of time, energy and money.

I find that other people are reckless with the resources of others, they fail to recognise that time, energy and money of others is finite, to be respected.  How annoying to me in recent days when an internet project I contributed my writing talents to fell apart because the stewards fought amongst themselves.  Then there was that individual who invited me to their home over the weekend costing me two hours for something I could have answered in less than ten minutes on the phone.  Or the individual I worked with over dozens of meetings and a website last year which came to nothing.  Those were resources lost to my business I am unable to recover.

The onus of being a good steward of your time, energy and money is down to you, since others can turn parasitic on you if given the chance.  If you expect others to be respectful of your precious resources then you must be respectful of them.  As a blogger I keep my posts fast, simple and easy, because I know that your time is precious.  It is an honour to me you read Liberated Way, I keep my impact on your life to a minimum, and hopefully you benefit in a positive way from my posts.  This is the same for all my customers in my business, I try to keep the impact upon their lives at a minimum with efficient business systems.  Business customers and blog readers are stakeholders, the steward has a responsibility to delight them with positive benefits without being a burden to them.